How do I find a publisher? How do I secure my IP? How do I reach out to the market?

Find the answers to these questions in the revamped incubation program of Dutch Game Garden.   

An incubation program? Come again?

An incubation program helps startups to grow. At Dutch Game Garden we help game developers and game service providers to become self-sustainable. We do this through a training program. Every first Wednesday of the month it’s Incubation Day at Dutch Game Garden. Companies that enroll in the program will gather for a full day of business development.

A training? What is that about?

Companies are built with others. This is especially true in the multidisciplinary field of game development. That is why the incubation program of Dutch Game Garden will focus primarily on learning with and from each other.

Gone are all the long lectures, thrown out are the home assignments and crushed are plenary sessions where only one individual depicts the topic of debate. The revamped incubation program of Dutch Game Garden will connect you to the right person at the right time. We will help you to set up meeting, point-out important business aspects you have not yet thought about and we will facilitate debates about issues that you struggle with.

We will focus primarily on business aspects of game development. Since you already know how to make a great game, we help to turn this great game into great money. That is why the Incubation Days will center around a specific theme every month. Amongst others, these will be: marketing, business strategy, team management, finance, legal and production issues.

Ok cool, what’s in it for me?

The incubation days at Dutch Game Garden will grow your network, expand your knowledge and inspire you to create an awesome company. You are in charge, so you can make your company flourish. O, it’s free. We do not charge incubees for the program.

The program is voluntary, but not without obligations. We expect incubees to commit fully to the program. Which means that we need you to share and create knowledge with others. The program will succeed only by the virtue of your participation. So make sure that the first Wednesday of every month is scheduled free for Incubation Day.

So, what’s in it for Dutch Game Garden?

For now, Dutch Garden Garden is funded by the government. By helping you to set up a business we create jobs in the region. The more jobs we create, the more secure our funding. It’s easy as that.

So it’s all about the money?

Only partly, there are altruistic reasons to do this. The team at Dutch Game Garden is very passionate about making games. We love the industry! It is friendly, honest and in a constant state of flux. We love to work with driven and motivated individuals. They can turn an idea into a real and amazing product! Lastly, we take great pride in supporting your to bring your game to the market.

This is our way of sharing our passion with you.

I’m sold! How do I enlist?

We are currently in the process of selecting new incubees. If you want to enlist, shoot Menno van Pelt-Deen an email. Tell him why and with whom you’d like to participate. Than we will set-up a meeting and discuss further details.

Let’s make this happen!