[a Lapp & YipYip production] Description Play together with your children. Guide them through this co-op puzzle game by obstructing their path. Children wiggle their finger to become a caterpillar, tap quickly to turn into a mouse, and swipe to wurm themselves in a squirrel. They figure out which animal fits where, you figure out how to…


[a Ppal production] Be the first to feed your monster 10 cookies, and WIN! But be aware! These monsters have a mind of their own. They can suddenly transport themselves to someone else’s tablet, phone or computer. Try to keep track of your monster is this multi-device game. Want to become a member of the…


[a Ppal & Sjac Production] Tag your friends by making a picture of their face. In a set time-limit you will fight each other with your phones, collecting as much face-pics as possible. Are you ready to shoot your friends?  


VilDu?! is a safe environment to experiment with intimacy and sexuality. It offers children a non-verbal communication tool that may help them to talk about fun, awful or tough experiences. De Rading is currently testing how the game can increase the conversation quality in therapy session for victims of sexual abuse. more info


[ a Swimgames Lapp production] Bringing digital games to the swimming pool with a strong focus on co-operative and creative play. The swimgames are designed to cater to a large audience (parents, children, seniors, teenagers… basically all). A camera on the ceiling captures swimmers’ movements. A waterproof LED screen, positioned on the side of the…


[a Fantaszm – Lapp Production] Sam+Sumo is a multiplayer math game for primary education.


[a Springlab & Lapp] Run around, feed the threes and work together to beat the other team(s). An intense resource management game that makes you move! Lapp acted as a consultant for this project. We worked in early stages on the concept, prototype and user tests.


[a Lapp Production] Children depict the difficulty for their parents. In this tablet-top-pool game, parents shoot their egg into the nest. Children follow suit. But because their motoric skill are less developed, they may take more turns to get into the nest. Every time the child shoots its egg forward, small shells break. When the…